Dyes & Paints

VARIKOTE  “Vinyl Dye/Plastic Dye/Carpet dye”: Color for vinyl, soft plastics including vinyl roofs, vinyl seats, dash, carpet and more… Varikote is a dye and not paint.  It is guaranteed not to crack, peel or chip off, and it is colorfast.  Easy to apply and available in any color. Dries in minutes and looks like new.

LEATHERKOTE  “Leather dye/Vinyl dye/Plastic dye/Carpet dye”: Color for vinyl, leather and soft plastics.  LeatherKote is a dye and not paint.  It is guaranteed not to crack, peel or chip off, and it is colorfast.  Easy to apply and available in any color.  Dries in minutes and looks like new.

VARIBOND  “Plastic Dye”:  Is the original, solvent-based color coating for hard plastics.  Quite uniquely, Varibond forms a chemical bond with the substrate.  Varibond, with its different formulation, will also take to GRP (glass fibre) bonding in a way that is impossible for cellulose paints.  This makes it ideal for GRP spoilers and body kits.  Other applications include PVC windows, doors etc.

RUBBERBOND  “Rubber Dye”:  Color for Rubber, Hypalon and other special fabrics.  Chemically bonds to Hypalon and other rubber substrates easily.  It is non-toxic and will not crack, peel or flake off.  UV stable and non toxic.

PLASTIKPREP  “Adhesion promoter”:  For difficult to color hard plastics.  Easy to use and flashes off quickly.

Fillers and Paint Additives

ALSI 12  “Metal filler/Body filler”:  Incredible filler designed to give strength and structure to areas that are rusted, oxidized, or have large holes or dents in them.  Resists very high temperature and can be used on galvanized sheet metal and aluminum.  Can also be powder-coated.  Will not shrink or absorb moisture.

ALSIFLEX  “Flexible metal filler”:  The only filler on the market that can be, and is being, used for the most difficult finishing applications (including the repair of aluminum boats).  This filler is flexible and shock resistant, does not absorb moisture and will repair surfaces made of metal, galvanized sheet metal, and aluminum.

ALSIPLAST  “Plastic filler”:  One easy to use filler for all plastics.  Strong, light, yet flexible filler.  This filler, unlike most other plastic fillers, will work on rigid, semi-rigid, as well as flexible plastics.  Will not shrink, absorb moisture or pop out.

ALSI 20  “Fiberglass & polyester filler”:  Super strong, yet flexible.  This polyester resin was especially designed to work with Fiberglass and polyesters.  It provides a superior finish and quality to the repair in less than 20 minutes.  Will not shrink or absorb moisture.

Polishes, Cleaners & more

HI GLOSS 707  “Wax/Polish”:  World’s best silicone and abrasive free polish for Cars/Boats/RV’s/Planes and other vehicles.  Patented 12-component protection.  Cleans, protects & polishes all in one application.  Easy to use and can be applied in direct sunlight.  Saves time and money.

QUICK GLOSS 707  “Instant detailer”:  A superb, quick detail polish for cars, boats, RV’s, planes and more.  Quick cleaning makes painted and synthetic surfaces look like new.  Provides a high gloss “Show Room” shine in minutes.  Ecological “Wash & Shine”, Biodegradable and environmentally friendly.  Saves a lot of time and money.

LEDER BALSAM 707  “Leather Conditioner”:  The final word in leather care.  Cleans, Protects and Softens Leather Items.  Natural and biodegradable.  Great on leather seats, jackets and all other leather items as well.  Does not contain silicone or abrasives.

C-KLEAR 707  “Plexiglas Cleaner & Scratch Remover”:  Cleans and removes 80% of surface scratches without leaving the surface hazy.  Also great for removing oxidation and dead paint from surface.  Can also be used on Fiberglass.

ANTI-RAIN 707  “Windshield treatment”:  Superior Windshield treatment.  Increases visibility and driving safety – even in the rain.  Long lasting and very effective.