Superior windshield treatment

Have you ever driven in pouring rain and even with your wipers at full strength found that you could not see very well? Anti rain is the latest in water sheeting technology and helps water sheet off immediately from the windows giving you a clear view of the road. Even without wipers you will be able to see clearly as the force of the wind against the windows will sheet off the glass faster than window wipers would. Anti Rain provides you with safety and security for you and your loved ones.

Repels rain, sleet, snow and grime on contact
Increases visibility and driving safety even in the rain.
Prevents adhesion of insects, dirt, grime etc from sticking on to surface.
Resists cleansing agents and antifreeze
Makes cleaning easier
Dries clean and streak free
Easy to apply

Application instructions for Windshield Treatment


Windshields in Cars, boat, trucks etc. made of glass. Can also be applied on
tiles, ceramics, mirrors, conservatories, windows, etc.

Application Procedure:

Clean and dry glass surface thoroughly. Pour approximately 15 to 20 drops of
Anti-Rain over the entire windshield. Now with several dry tissues and putting
a little pressure on the surface rub it up and down several times until glass
is clear and there are no spots or wet drops on the surface. Repeat after 2 to
3 weeks for maximum effect.

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