No other product on the market will remove scratches from Plexiglas. Many products claim to do so, but will leave your clear surface fogged up because they use some kind of compound which may remove the scratches, but leaves a fogged surface behind. C-Klear 707 is the only product that will remove over 80% of surface scratches and make the surface clear to see again.

C-Klear 707 was developed for the boating industry, to remove scratches and yellowing from the clear plastic surfaces, but with more and more applications in the automotive sector (tail lights and front beam lights etc.) our customers are finding it removes the scratches easily and leaves the surface clear to see again thus providing a very safe driving experience. Please see our list for the many other applications where it is being used.

Easy on – Easy off
Can be used by polishing machine or hand
Excellent for removing oxidation
Brings back the color of dulled paint
Removes surface scratches from clear Plexiglas and other plastics.
Professional product. Also ideal for the hobbyist and do-it-yourselfer
Removes scratches and makes surface clear to see through again
Protects by sealing in the pores of the surface and keeping the contaminants out
Extends life span of surface
Highly effective
Outperforms all competitors
C-Klear 707 is the only product that actually removes 80% of surface scratches up to 7 microns deep

• For surface scratches greater than 2000 to 3000 grit use C-Klear 707
• If scratches are between 600 to 2000 grit then use Powergloss first and then finish with C-Klear 707

Application instructions for Plexiglass Cleaner & Scratch Remover


Great for automotive/marine/aircraft and other industrial uses on clear
Plexiglas. On hockey visors, fire fighters visors, industrial Plexiglas on
forklifts etc. Can also be used where normal lacquer cleaners fail. On old or
oxidized painted surfaces of Cars, RV’s, motorcycles, planes & boats etc.
Also excellent for cleaning Plexiglas and other clear plastic surfaces in the

Application Procedure:

First test carefully on a corner spot as C-Klear is a very mild abrasive
substance. Test only on dry surfaces including completely dry lacquered or
clear coat paint. Apply with a lint free cloth or polishing cloth and rub in
carefully until the surface is smooth and desired cleaning is achieved. After a
few minutes when surface is dry, clean off the grey coating with a clean cloth
and then apply Hi-Gloss car finishing system to seal it off and give it a show
room shine.

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