This exceptional product from Germany will make your leather surface look and feel like new. It is easy to use and is being sold by major manufacturers of leather sofas and furniture under their own brands. It is also used by major car, boat and RV manufacturers for all their leather interiors and does not leave a greasy, sticky feeling after it is applied as do most oils and other silicone conditioners.

Cleans, Protects and Conditions Leather all in one application.
100% natural beeswax
Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
Good for natural wood
Protects against water stains
Helps to remove salt stains
Contains no silicone or harmful chemicals
Will not stain clothes
Easy to apply
Saves you time and money

Application instructions for Leather Conditioner


Leather sofas, chairs, garments, motorcycle jackets, shoes, handbags, wallets, belts, interiors in cars and boats, motorcycle seats, steering wheels, furniture and much more.

Application Procedure:

Use sponge in container to apply Lederbalsam onto the leather surface. Apply sparingly as more frequent applications are better
than too much product in 1 application. After applying Lederbalsam allow it to soak in for a few hours. If after a few hours you find you have applied too much just wipe off the excess with a microfiber cloth. Regular application once a month will restore you old tired looking leather to its former glory

Q: What is Lederbalsam made out of?
A: Lederbalsam is made mainly out of bees wax and is natural. It lets leather breath, just like hide food. It cleans, conditions & protects leather surfaces.

Q: Will Lederbalsam leave a greasy feeling on the surface?
A: No, Lederbalsam leaves the surface looking like new & natural. If the surface has flat look it will look flat but new. If the surface has a semi gloss look then it will leave it with a semi gloss finish.

Q: Will Lederbalsam stain my clothes?
A: No, Lederbalsam will not leave any stains on your clothes. It gets absorbed into leather and conditions it.

Q: What if I apply too much Lederbalsam?
A: You can remove any excess Lederbalsam by wiping the surface with a clean dry cloth.

Q: Is Lederbalsam available in larger containers?
A: Currently Lederbalsam is available only in 250 ml units. If you require larger containers this can be arranged.

Q: Can I use Lederbalsam to clean, polish & protect my leather shoes?
A: Yes, Lederbalsam is excellent for this kind of application. It will help remove salt stains and will clean, condition & protect leather shoes.

Q: How often do I apply Lederbalsam?
A: Regular use rather than too much in one application is recommended. This gives leather a chance to absorb the nutrients it needs.

Q: Does Lederbalsam contain any silicones?
A: No, Lederbalsam is natural and does not contain silicones.

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