Quick Gloss 707 has the same ingredients as our award winning Hi Gloss and is not a watered down version of Hi Gloss 707 like other instant or quick detail polishes. It was completely reformulated with all the same major ingredients of Hi Gloss 707 to make it sprayable. Quick Gloss 707 leaves a super high shine on the surface and is the perfect final step polish for those wanting a quick high shine. Excellent for those exhibiting at car shows and concourse events. Great for car dealers and customers who wants to keep their cars shining and looking like new.

Ecological “Wash & Shine”
Waterless Car/Marine/RV and Aviation Care
Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
Easy-on easy-off application
Can be applied in direct sunlight
Contains no silicone or abrasives
Can be used on all paints, fibreglass, gelcoat, chrome, rubber, smooth plastic surfaces and clear coat. (Cars/Boats/Campers/etc.)
Quick cleaning makes painted and synthetic surfaces look like new
Provides a high gloss “Show Room” shine in minutes
Phosphate free/Solvent free/Alkaline-Acid free
Saves you time and money

Application instructions for Detail Polish


Good for Cars, Boats, Planes, RV’s, Trucks, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Personal watercraft, Off road vehicles, Household applications and much more.

Application Procedure:

1) Shake bottle well before using.
2) Spray over a large area and wipe surface dry with a soft microfiber cloth.

After a few minutes polish off to a show room shine with another soft dry microfiber cloth.

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