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Our extraordinary line of biodegradable German waxes, polishes, and cleaners, will help bring out the color, luster and shine on your car, boat, RV and other recreational vehicles and keep them looking their best. These easy to use products such as our Car Wax and Polish, Rubbing Compound, Boat Polish, Plexiglas Cleaner, Upholstery Cleaner and Windshield Treatment products will also save you a lot of time and money.

And if you are searching for additional auto or marine products, we can help there as well. We feature a complete line of the finest Fillers, Dyes and Paints, Paint Additives, Microfiber, Paint Guns and much more.

World’s best polish (Great for Cars/Boats/RV’s, Planes, etc.)
Hi Gloss 707 is a patented product with 12-component protection. It is silicone free and abrasive free and safe for bodyshops. Cleans, protects & polishes all in one application. Easy to use and can be applied in direct sunlight.
Saves you time and money.

Quick Gloss 707 leaves a super high shine on the surface and is the perfect final step silicone and abrasive free polish for those wanting a quick high shine. Excellent for those exhibiting at car shows and concours events. Great for car dealers and anyone who wants to keep their cars shining and looking like new.

The final word in leather care. Cleans, Protects and Softens Leather Items. Natural and biodegradable. Great on leather seats, jackets and all other leather items as well. Does not contain silicones or abrasives.

Cleans and removes 80% of surface scratches without leaving surface hazy. Also great for removing oxidation and dead paint from surface. Can also be used on fibreglass.

Superior Windshield treatment. Increases visibility and driving safety even in the rain. Long lasting and very effective.

Special Biodegradable cleaning and degreasing solution. Also great for curtains, tiles, PVC windows and much more.