Have you ever used a product that claims to be a dye to recolor vinyl or plastics and found that it peeled, cracked or chipped off?
Most professionals and do-it-yourselfers have run into this problem at one time or another.
Varikote is GUARANTEED not to peel crack or flake off and has been approved by OEM manufacturers in the automotive and marine industry.


  • Varikote can completely change or restore the color of vinyl and soft plastics
  • Easy to apply (Sprayed on)
  • Rapid drying (5 to 10 minutes between coats)
  • Penetrates into the surface and bonds itself to the molecules changing the pigmentation.
  • Is a dye and not paint
  • Guaranteed not to crack, peel or chip off
  • Permanent and color fast
  • Leaves the original grain pattern intact and visible
  • Leaves surface looking original and not painted
  • Manufactured using the highest quality UV resistant pigments available
  • Non toxic
  • Does not contain cadmium, zinc, formaldehyde or isocyanates
  • Make sure you apply Plastic care 707 sealer and conditioner 24 hours later to seal the dye and condition the surface.

Note: To color vinyl windows (PVC windows, doors, etc.) please use our product Varibond.

We can mix and match almost any color you need. Special color matching is available in quarts, gallons, 5 gallon pails and 50 gallon drums. If the color you want is not on the RAL color chart you can send us a sample of the color and we will match it for you.

Please specify your desired RAL color number in the Comment/Delivery section when you check out or indicate if you are sending a sample.

Please note minimum order for a custom color is 1 quart and the mixing charge per color is $ 150.00

Below are our 14 Standard colours






FULL RAL colour chart

Click here to view full RAL colour chart

Application instructions for Vinyl Dye/Paint

Vinyl, ABS plastic, carpet and most soft plastics items. (Car seats, boats seats, door panels, trim, dashes, vinyl roof tops, arm rests, steering wheels, vinyl garments, vinyl shoes, vinyl sofas and stools in bars and much more).

Application Procedure:

1) Clean surface well with a Parakleen or lacquer thinner to remove all dirt, grease and silicones. (Some plastics will melt if you use lacquer thinner so please test on a small corner first to be sure before using lacquer thinner to clean all surfaces).

2) Test to see if surface is clean by applying masking tape to the surface. If the tape comes off too easily then surface is still not clean. If tape comes off with some resistance then you know surface is clean.

3) Allow surface to dry before spraying and mask areas not to be sprayed.

4) Special note: If spraying hard plastics surfaces made out of polypropylene, TPO or EPDM spray from about 4 to 6 inches away 1 very light even coat of Plastikprep (Adhesion promoter for hard plastics) on to surface and let dry for 2 to 5 minutes. Make sure Plastikprep is well stirred before putting it in the spray equipment and then clean spray equipment.

5) Stir the can of Varikote well before putting it in the cleaned spray equipment.

6) Set spray gun to a maximum pressure of 25-30 psi. (Clean spray equipment with ordinary gun wash or lacquer thinner after use)

7) Before applying try out on a small test area first.

8) Spray from about 4 to 6 inches away in slow even strokes. Apply in mist coats (2 to 4 coats depending upon color). Allow 10 to 15 minutes between coats for drying. Do not attempt to cover in one coat or apply in thick coats (this could cause solvent trap which would prevent a proper cure)

9) When Varikote is completely dry (24 hours later) apply Plastic care 707 on all vinyl, rubber and plastics surfaces to seal the color in and give the surface a new look finish.

Q: Will VARIKOTE peel, crack or chip off?
A: No, VARIKOTE is a dye & actually penetrates the surface, whereas paints sit on top & can crack or chip off. VARIKOTE restores surfaces to look and feel like new.

Q: Is VARIKOTE colourfast? If I dye my seats will the colour come off on my clothes?
A: VARIKOTE is colourfast. It will not come off or stain your clothes. (It takes about 45 minutes to set or be touch dry after the last coat has been applied). Wait at least 24 hours before sitting on the surface.

Q: Is VARIKOTE UV stable?
A: Yes, VARIKOTE has UV protection & will not fade for 5 to 7 years.

Q: Do I need to prepare the surface before applying VARIKOTE?
A: Yes, The surface can be cleaned with Parakleen, lacquer thinner, MEK or MIBK to remove any silicones, oils, or grease before applying VARIKOTE. This allows VARIKOTE to penetrate the surface & bond to the surface for a lasting finish.

Q: Is VARIKOTE waterproof ?
A: Yes, VARIKOTE is waterproof and will not bleed or come off when you clean the surface with soap and water.

Q: Can I brush VARIKOTE on?
A: No, VARIKOTE must be sprayed on. If applied with a brush it will leave streaks and the surface will look painted and not dyed.

Q: Can I colour the carpets in my car with VARIKOTE?
A: Yes you can colour the carpets in your car with VARIKOTE, but you need to brush the carpet in between coats with a metal brush to open up the pores so that Varikote can penetrate into the fibers.

Q: Can I colour my plastic surfaces with VARIKOTE?
A: Yes, you can colour soft plastic surfaces with VARIKOTE. For hard plastic surfaces such as polypropylene you must first apply our primer Plastikprep and then spray the hard plastic surface with VARIKOTE. Our Plastikprep primer acts as an adhesion promoter on these difficult to color hard plastic surfaces.

Q: Can I colour my seat belts with VARIKOTE?
A: Yes, but due to the constant friction between the belt and the attachment it can wear off. It will however not crack peel of chip off, nor will it come off on to your clothes.

Q: Can I recolour my car’s vinyl roof with VARIKOTE?
A: Yes, you can and VARIKOTE being colourfast and waterproof will not come off.

Q: Can I recolour my steering wheel with VARIKOTE?
A: Yes, as long the steering wheel is covered with vinyl, leather or plastic.

Q: Will my surface look shiny after I have applied VARIKOTE?
A: No, VARIKOTE has a satin finish just like new vinyl.

Q: Can I get it to look flat like some new leathers?
A: Yes. We have a matting gel, but this is available only when we prepare special colour matches for you.

Q: Is VARIKOTE available in aerosols?
A: No Varikote is available only in quarts or gallons or 50 gallon drums. If you need more than 1000 aerosol cans per colour we can get it put into aerosols through an aerosol manufacturer.

Q: What is the minimum quantity for a special colour match?
A: 1 quart is the minimum for a special colour match.

Q: What is the coverage with 1 quart?
A: With 1 quart you can colour an average car interior (about 30 sf). If you are changing from a dark to a very light colour you may need a little more.

Q: How do I get a colour match?
A: Just send us a swatch of the colour you want ( 1” by 1”). If you want to match the original colour then it is best to get a piece from under the seat where the sun has not faded it.

Q: Can you match metallic colours?
A: Yes we can match most metallic colours

Q: After applying VARIKOTE do I need to apply “Armour All “ or anything else to protect the surface?
A: Yes, We recommend products that are free of silicones and that do not leave the surface shiny, sticky or greasy. For leather surfaces we recommend “Lederbalsam”, which is made out of natural bees-wax and allows leather to breathe.

Q: How soon can I get a colour match?
A: We need at least 1 week to do custom color matches.

Q: How long will it take me to receive the order once you have matched the color?
A: Depending on where you live it takes anywhere from 4 to 7 business days for us to courier the order to you.

I had previously purchased your spray cans about 12 years ago & did the interior of my 1972 Rolls Royce. This time I purchased a litre of “Varikote”, along with a small spray gun from Princes Auto to do my Jaguar XJS. The color match was exact, the ease of application was effortless and above all, the final results were most satisfying.
Phil Karam (Ottawa, Ontario)

Thanks for the patience and guidance in helping me restore the interior on my car. The color change is unbelievable. The color which we used looks fabulous and like new. You cannot tell that the interior was re-dyed. Many of my friends are so impressed with what I was able to accomplish with your product Varikote that they have asked me for your details so that they too can customize their interiors.
Soon I will start restoring my other cars and will call you for pricing on quantity purchases and special color matching.
Once again, thanks for all your help.
Bill N’Guyen (Denver, Colorado )

Thought I would let you know how pleased I was with the Varikote I purchased from you. If you recall, I am restoring a 1967 Cougar XR7. The car is from Nevada, and totally rust free, but the interior was faded and cracking in areas, due to sun and heat damage.
Unlike some other cars, Cougar interior panels and trim pieces are not reproduced. In order to have the quality interior that I wanted for my Cougar, I had to use pieces from my own car, plus 3 other XR7’s.
I now had good interior pieces, but in 4 different colours; blue, black, green, and burgundy. My original interior colour is a dark blue. Fortunately there are a couple of areas where the interior panels are totally covered and that’s where an unfaded shade of blue could be found, to use in colour matching.
I checked with a company that I used several years back, to re-dye an interior. After two failed attempts by them to match my shade of blue, I brought my sample panel to you.. That’s what I should have done in the first place!!
Your colour match with the Varikote was perfect. That means a lot to me, because I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. I have enclosed some pictures to show you how nicely my interior pieces turned out. We dyed 31 pieces from small horn ring pads, to door panels. When spraying on the Varikote, everything covered well, and with only two coats, the sheen of the re-dyed panels looks original as well.
It’s great to find a product, like Varikote, that works and acts as well as the advertising says it will.
Well, enough of my ramblings, I’ve got more things to do before my Cougar can prowl the roads again.
Thanks again for your help.
Neil Ward (Hamilton, ON)

Part of text as it appeared in Jaguar Enthusiast
Interior Decorating
A DIY restoration of an “S” Type jaguar by Gordon Wright
Because I was recolouring to Jaguar dark blue I found that I needed only 2 coats for a perfect result. Colour changing needs more coats – usually about four. Varikote only needs 15 minutes drying time between coats. It is important to apply Varikote in light mist coats only. Never attempt to cover in 1 coat.
The total finished interior was a dramatic improvement. Obviously not the same as a complete retrim but in some ways it left the interior looking more authentic. And the difference in price? Well instead of the 3,000 Pounds retrim estimate that I had received, it cost only 113 pounds.

Part of text as it appeared in Power Boating magazine
Varikote is formulated to give a brand new look to faded surfaces by adding permanent colour. This product has the ability to penetrate the surface of soft materials, ensuring that the colour will not fade, peel or crack.

Letter by Sea Ray (Service)
Subject Varikote:
Sea Ray’s Product and development and Engineering routinely tests and evaluates products that are new to the market and may be of use to our manufacturing facilities, dealers, and consumers.
We tested a product called Varikote and found this product performed up to the advertised claims and have notified our dealers as to the availability of the product.

Part of text as it appeared in Bodyshop Fix and Finish
Spray Restores vinyl upholstery:
Varikote is a spray-on refinishing and recolouring coating for vinyl, leather and PVC that can provide a low-cost alternative to reupholstery or otherwise replacing the material.
Varikote actually penetrates the substratum of the material and bonds with the upper layer so that it will not crack, chip, run, peel or fade. The natural texture and grain of the material is preserved even if it is recoloured several times.

Text as it appeared in Sporting Classics
Vinyl & Leather Recolouring
An amazing new product has recently appeared on the market. Varikote is capable of totally restoring the colour of vinyl or leather without leaving a telltale glossy finish.
Varikote actually penetrates the surface bonding itself to the molecules of the material and changing the pigmentation. This means that it cannot crack, flake off, or wear off. It is permanent and even the grain of the vinyl, or leather is left in perfect relief. A recent demonstration at the MG Car Club of Toronto’s Autojumble had a vinyl seat prepared in different coloured strips such that it was impossible to determine the original colour. An examination of treated pieces of vinyl and leather graphically showed the difference.
Conclusion: Varikote will restore or change your faded vinyl or leather colour to look like new.

Beautiful match and a very nice dye that’s easy to work with.
Please colour match leather dye (one quart each) for the 2 additional swatches enclosed.
Mike from New York (Empire State Building)

It was good to see you at the British car day. It reminded me that I must send you this long overdue thank you. Perhaps the fact that 2 years have passed since I sprayed the seats of my favourite car that 1976 Jaguar XJ6 2 door coupe.
The match to my small leather cutting was perfect and the fact that Varikote was so easy to apply, had me spraying the door panels and parts of the dash that I was originally afraid to attempt. Even after all the scuffs and scratches from the mechanics, it’s easy to touch up with a bit of dye I still have left over for emergencies.
Time has proven how well your product stands up to abuse and I’m still proud to say I was able to do it myself.
So a belated thank you. I have recommended Varikote and your good eye in matching colors to many of my friends in the Ontario Jaguar owner’s assn.
John Bar (Toronto, ON)

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your help with the order I placed with Parasol. You made the process much easier and took the time to explain the process for using the prep, paint and final conditioner to use on our newly painted parts. I would recommend you to anyone who might need your products.
Linda Brooks (Pataskala, Ohio)

As per your product Varikote, it is one of the best dyes I have ever used, it was simple to apply and very durable. It saved me a lot of time and money, as I would have had to take all the door panels off. I simply masked the area not to be painted and the results were amazing. I will strongly recommend this product to all my friends and fellow enthusiasts.
Shaz Syed (Ancaster, Ontario)