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Color for Hypalon, rubberised substrates (ie: rubberised non slip rubber flooring as well as hypalon and other inflatable boats)
This unique product will now let you recolor rubber surfaces where it was not possible before. Rubberbond is being used to recolor rubber playground surfaces, rubber roofs on new and old homes, urethane coated nylon material, rubber doors, inflatable boats and much more. This versatile product is abrasion resistant and will not peel, crack or flake off.


Non toxic
Single pack (does not require a primer)
Chemically bonds to Hypalon and other rubber substrates easily
UV stable
Abrasion resistant
Will not crack, peel or flake
Flexes with substrate so a boat can be deflated and dry stored in winter without problems
Make sure you apply a sealer and conditioner before deflating hypalon or other inflatable boat for storage.
Not recommended for vinyl or plastic surfaces.

We can mix and match almost any color you need. Special color matching is available in quarts, gallons, 5 gallon pails and 50 gallon drums. If the color you want is not on the RAL color chart you can send us a sample of the color and we will match it for you.

Please specify your desired RAL color number in the Comment/Delivery section when you check out or indicate if you are sending a sample.

Below are our 14 Standard colours

FULL RAL colour chart

Click here to view full RAL colour chart


Hypalon Boats, Rubber doors, hard to colour leathers soaked in silicone (Must clean off silicone first) and many other rubberised substrates.

Application Procedure:

Clean with Parakleen or lacquer thinner and let dry. When removing previous surface coatings, please contact your distributor or the manufacturer for advice.

Rubberbond can then be applied using approximately two light coats, followed by a heavier 3rd coat. Allow 10 – 15 minutes flash off between coats.

Remember that the main aim of these light coats is to form a bond. Do not try to cover with one heavy coat or the bond may not take place. Apply Rubberbond to the substrate until the surface has been evenly recolored and the desired thickness has been attained. For heavy use, up to 5 coats can be applied. Some color changes may need an intermediate coat before the required color is applied (i.e. red, orange and yellow) depending on the color of the surface to be colored.

Always apply to a small test area in the normal way, ensuring the bond has occurred. Use sticky tape to help check this procedure. High humidity and damp conditions will affect drying times, cause poor adhesion and/or a blooming effect. Avoid application in such adverse conditions.

RUBBERBOND can be applied with air or airless spray gun. Suction fed air operated spray guns should be used, at a pressure of approximately 20-30 psi using a 30-air cap and ex set up

Full curing time is 24 hours at room temperature (16C) or 50 minutes at 50C.

Rubberbond will remain tacky for a short time when it has been exposed to 50C but will dry off.

When Rubberbond is completely dry (24 hours later) apply Plastic care 707 on all rubber surfaces to seal the color in and give the surface a new look finish.

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