Cleans, protects & rejuvenates vinyl, plastic, rubber & synthetic surfaces. Silicone free and abrasive free. Good for Cars/Boats/RV’s/Planes and Household appliances. Will not dry out surface or leave it sticky or greasy.

Most Vinyl/Plastic conditioner, cleaners and protectors are generally silicone based and tend to dry out the vinyl and plastic surfaces. Plastic Care has no silicone or abrasives in it and leaves the surface feeling clean and fresh like new.

Contains no Silicone or harmful chemicals
Conditions and Protects Surface from Fading
Does not leave surface Greasy or Unnatural
Brings back Original Look & Shine
Has a wonderful natural lemon fragrance
Very easy to apply
Saves you time and money

Good for Cars, Boats, Planes, RV’s, Trucks, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Personal watercraft, Off road vehicles, Household Appliances. Can be applied to surfaces such as Vinyl Tops, Dashes, Door Panels, Seats, Bumpers, Side Moldings, Wing Mirrors, as well as Computers, Photocopy Machines, Telephones, PVC Windows and More….

Application Procedure:
Shake bottle well before using. Apply a thin even coat of concentrate on to the surface with a clean dry Parasol microfiber cloth. After about 2 minutes rub surface with a clean dry Parasol microfiber cloth. For extra soiled surfaces repeat procedure.

Q: Can I apply Plastik Kleen on outside plastic trim?
A: Yes, Plastik Kleen is excellent for all plastic trim (inside & outside). It is silicone free and non abrasive. It will help protect and keep all your vinyl, plastic & rubber surfaces looking new.

Q: How often do I apply Plastik Kleen?
A: Plastik Kleen should be used on a regular basis to keep your vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces looking new. We recommend using it at least once a month, however you can use it as often as you like as it silicone free and will not damage or dry out your vinyl, plastic or rubber.

Q: Will Plastik Kleen clean or is it just a conditioner?
A: Plastik Kleen is a great cleaner and conditioner. It leaves a refreshing lemon smell on all surfaces that it is applied on.

Q: Will Plastik Kleen give me a shiny finish like “Armour All†?
A: No, Plastik Kleen leaves the surface looking new and original and is not sticky, greasy or too shiny like most other vinyl, plastic and rubber cleaning products. Most new surfaces have a semi gloss finish and this is what Plastic Kleen will give you.

Q: Is Plastik Kleen available in larger containers?
A: Plastik Kleen is available in ½ litre containers, 3litre containers, and 200 litre drums.

Q: Will Plastik Kleen attract dust like most other plastic cleaners and conditioners after it has been applied?
A: No, Plastik Kleen has an anti-static agent and will not attract dust like other products.

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