A gentle yet strong cleaning solvent to clean vinyl, leather, plastic and rubber surfaces before applying Varikote, Varibond, Rubberbond, Varikolor, Leatherkote, EPDMbond, or A1 Kolor. Will not damage, or dry out leather and vinyl like most solvents.

Application instructions for Cleaning Solvent

Apply a small amount on a clean lint free cloth and rub gently and quickly over surface to clean any grease, grime or silicone. If surface has previously been colored, wipe over again to remove any previous color that may still be left behind. Be careful not to apply too much Parakleen or leave cloth impregnated with Parakleen on surface being cleaned for too long.  Always test on a small surface before using Parakleen.

Let surface dry and then follow instructions on spraying Varikote, Varibond, Rubberbond, Varikolor and Acrukolor

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