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Adhesion promoter for hard plastics like polypropylene, TPO, EPDM etc.

Great for difficult to color hard plastics like Polypropylene, TPO and EPDM.
Goes on easily
Dries in seconds
1 light coat is sufficient (more in not better)

Application instructions for Plastikprep (Adhesion Promoter)

Only for hard plastic surfaces that are difficult to coat such as
polypropylene, TPO EPDM etc.. Not required for PVC or ABS. Plastikprep should be sprayed on hard plastic surfaces about 5 minutes before spraying on Varikote, Leatherkote, Varibond or WB Varikolor.

Application Procedure:

1) Do not thin.

2) Fill spray equipment with Plastikprep adhesion promoter.

3) Set spray gun to a pressure of about 25 to 30 psi. This depends upon the
aperture of the gun, but generally a small aperture should be used (30 air cap
ex-set up is recommended)

4) Before spraying Plastikprep on hard plastic surfaces make sure surface has
been sanded down with 600 wet and dry sand paper.

5) Make sure surface and is clean and dry and then try out on a small test area

6) Spray from about 4 to 6 inches away in one very light even coat to cover the
entire surface. (more than 1 coat is not necessarily better).

7) Allow 2 to 5 minutes to flash off, and then spray on Varikote, Varibond,
Rubberbond, or WB Varikolor.

8) Wiping over with cellulose thinners can remove Plastikprep, Varikote, Varibond, Rubberbond, and WB Varikolor.

9) Application under damp or humid conditions may lead to formation of
blushing, so spraying is best done under warm conditions.

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