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Great chance to pick up some perfectly good, but slightly dented cans which were damaged during shipping and are up for sale.

ALSI 12 (Dented Cans)

Incredible filler designed to give strength and structure to areas that are rusted, oxidized, or have large holes or dents in them. It can also be used on galvanized sheet metal and aluminum. Resists high temperatures and can be powder-coated afterwards. Will not shrink or absorb moisture.

Magik Glove

Protects your hands from oil, grease, wax and paint. An advanced protective coating that will make cleaning your hands easy. Contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Hand protector and nourishing cream. Protects your hands from OIL, GREASE, WAX & PAINT

Quick Gloss

Quick Gloss 707 leaves a super high shine on the surface and is the perfect final step silicone and abrasive free polish for those wanting a quick high shine. Excellent for those exhibiting at car shows and concours events. Great for car dealers and anyone who wants to keep their cars shining and looking like new.