The Perfect Wood Filler

Alsibois is used by the Louvre in Paris and is considered the premium Wood Filler in Europe today.  It has exceptional adherence and comes in 8 different colors.  All the colors can be mixed with one another to get the color you need and can then be stained once dry.  This wood filler looks like wood, acts like wood, and can be used to repair the most difficult areas.



  • As easy to color as wood for a perfect finish
  • Absorbs shades, water shades, and different shades of stains to look exactly like wood
  • Fast drying.  Dries within 15 to 20 minutes at room temperature
  • Can be worked like wood without damaging blades or tools
  • Because of its exceptional adherence and bonding, Alsibois can be used in the most difficult of situations (Sculpting, repairing furniture legs, table corners, etc.)
  • Alsibois wood filler does not shrink after drying
  • Will not absorb moisture
  • Alsibois can penetrate into micro pores and micro cracks and still provide a wood like appearance after the surface has been machined
  • Various colors of Alsibois can be mixed to obtain the color you want (comes in 8 different shades)

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Application instructions for Wood Filler

Chairs, sofas, beds, tables, toys, sculptures, picture frames, wood in cars and boats, caskets, and much more. You can even repair plastics that look like wood as Alsibois can be stained to look like wood and along with (Varibond wood grain effect) you can now have any color with the wood like appearance or grain pattern.

Application Procedure:
Make sure area to be repaired in clean, dry and rough.
Mix contents in can thoroughly. Take out a little Alsibois from can and place it on your clean work mat (clean smooth flat metal surface or other clean flat mixing surface). Add approximately 2 % to 3% hardener to the contents outside the can and mix thoroughly. Apply generously in layers over area that is to be repaired. If you find that it is taking too long for Alsibois to harden you have not added enough hardener to the mix. You can add some more hardener the next time as this will speed up the hardening process. Normally Alsibois takes 15 to 25 minutes to harden after which it can be sanded.

Alsibois starts to harden very quickly (3 to 4 minutes) so mix small quantities at a time.
Please do not insert mixing paddle into Alsibois can after you have used it to mix it with the hardener. This will contaminate and harden the contents in the can and make it unusable for future use.

Professional product: Noxious by inhalation, by contact with skin and by ingestion. Flammable product. Do not smoke when using product
Please store in warm premises.

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