Alsiflex is the only flexible metal filler on the market. Used for all kinds of finishing applications (including the repair of aluminium boats). This filler is flexible and shock resistant, does not absorb moisture and will repair surfaces made of metal, galvanized sheet metal, and aluminium.

Application instructions for Flexible Metal Filler

Used for repairing large surfaces in cars, trucks, aluminium boats, roofs, door panels, bonnets, boot lids, etc. Can be used on any metal and some plastic surfaces that require flexibility and that will not absorb moisture.

Application Procedure:
Make sure area to be repaired in clean, dry and rough.
Mix contents from can thoroughly. Take out a little Alsiflex from can and place it on your clean work mat (clean smooth flat metal surface or other clean flat mixing surface). Add 2 % to 3 % hardener to the contents outside the can and mix thoroughly. Apply Alsiflex generously in layers over area that is to be repaired.
If you find that it is taking too long for Alsiflex to harden you can add some more hardener the next time as this will speed up the hardening process. Normally Alsiflex takes 30 to 40 minutes to harden after which it can be sanded.

Alsiflex starts to harden very quickly (3 to 4 minutes) so mix small quantities at a time. Avoid inserting the mixing paddle into the Alsiflex can after you have used it to mix it with the hardener. This will contaminate and harden the contents in the can and make it unusable for future use.

Technical information for ALSIFLEX

Q: Is Alsiflex waterproof ?
A: Yes Alsiflex is waterproof. Alsiflex will not absorb water or humidity & will not bubble or pop off like many other fillers.

Q: Once I repair a rusted or oxidized area how long will it last?
A: The area repaired will not rust again for at least 7 years.

Q: Is Alsiflex hard to sand?
A: Alsiflex is easy to work with. Once you add the activator to Alsiflex it will start hardening in 2 minutes and you can start sanding the surface in about 20 minutes.

Q: Can I repair aluminium with Alsiflex?
A: Yes you can repair aluminium with Alsiflex.

Q: Can I repair plastics with Alsiflex?
A: No. Alsiplast is better for all plastic repairs.

Q: Is Alsiflex flexible.?
A: Alsiflex is very flexible and is used on areas such as door panels, roof etc. areas that are thin and flex a lot.

Q: Can I apply Alsiflex over joints to finish the job?
A: Yes You can.

Q: How long does it take for Alsiflex to set before I can sand it down?
A: It takes Alsiflex about 20 to 30 minutes to set.

Q: Can I prime directly over Alsiflex or do I have to use another polyester putty over Alsiflex before priming and painting my surface?
A: Yes, you can prime and paint directly over Alsiflex.

Testimonials for ALSIFLEX

I did not believe you guys when you told me that this product (Alsiflex) would not crack or absorb moisture and still remain flexible. You have made a believer out of me. I used it to repair my aluminium boat 2 years ago and am pleased to say that it has held up very well and saved me a lot of money. Thanks a bunch
Joe Pecca
T oronto, ON

Nice going guys. Am very impressed with your service and products, that I am interested in becoming a dealer for you products in my area.
Loved your filler Alsiflex and the polish Hi Gloss. Will now try the others one by one.
Will call you in a few weeks to arrange a meeting.
Bob Narducci
Syracuse, NY

What a gorgeous product. So easy to use and sands easy. Need to order more Alsiflex as have many other jobs lined up as I am now confident that I can guarantee my work on the aluminum boats that I repair.
Chris Point
Miami, FL