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Incredibly strong and easy to use Body filler.

Most METAL OR BODY FILLERS absorb moisture and shrink. ALSI 12 is the only body filler that does not absorb moisture or shrink. ALSI 12 is used by ROLL ROYCE, the FRENCH ARMED SERVICES and other major manufacturers such as CITROEN, MINERVE, FUTURE DESIGN INC., and quality restoration shops throughout the world.

Guaranteed to make your finish look beautiful and last for years.

Alsi 12 metal filler is made out of special alloys, which allow it to resist very high temperatures.  It can even be used to repair engine block cracks and rusted tail pipes.


  • Extremely strong and light
  • Will not shrink
  • Will not absorb moisture
  • Easy to use. Sands easily
  • Can be drilled, nailed, tapped & threaded
  • Used to repair all metals including galvanized sheet metal and aluminium
  • Resists temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius
  • Great for powder coating applications
  • Will not clog up the sandpaper
  • Will repair engine block cracks
  • Used for areas that require large volume fillings as well as areas that are rusted, cracked or oxidized

Application instructions for Body/Metal Filler

Areas that require volume filling and strength. Oxidized areas on cars, on metal and galvanized sheet metal, wheel housings, and rear wing welds, wind shield bays, sunroof areas, on bottom of cars, side panels, roofs and much more.

Other Applications:
Exhaust systems, hydrocarbon tanks, can repair some batteries (will withstand some acids), craters and cracks in motor blocks, can repair rifled cylinders, can be drilled and threaded as required, for the repair of aircraft fuselages as well as many other industrial applications and the sealing of pipes.

Application Procedure:
Make sure area to be repaired in clean, dry and rough. Make a V incision on area to be repaired so as to give the area being repaired some depth and volume so Alsi 12 can bond easily.

Mix contents in can thoroughly. Take out a little Alsi 12 from can and place it on your clean work mat (clean smooth flat metal surface or other clean flat mixing surface). Add 2 % to 3 % hardener to the contents outside the can and mix thoroughly. Apply ALSI 12 generously in layers over area that is to be repaired.

If you find that it is taking too long for Alsi 12 to harden you can add some more hardener the next time as this will speed up the hardening process. Normally Alsi 12 takes 40 to 45 minutes to harden after which it can be sanded.

Alsi 12 starts to harden very quickly (3 to 4 minutes) so mix small quantities at a time. Avoid inserting the mixing paddle into the Alsi 12 can after you have used it to mix it with the hardener. This will contaminate and harden the contents in the can and make it unusable for future use.

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Testimonials for ALSI-12

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited
Crews Cheshire CW1 3PL England
Tel 01270 255155 Fax 01270 586548
Can you please supply me with name and address of your UK agents. as well as material product data sheet on your Alsi 12 polyester body filler. We need to purchase some product ASAP .
Many thanks,
Yours faithfully,
D. Baron.


Departement Technique Apres-Vente
Application: Tous Pays
Diffusion: Tous Pays
Note Technique:
CX Break Tous Types:
Tous les assemblages sont desormais realises par soudure MAG En reparation il sera dans tous les cas necessaire d’affectuer un surfacage par masticage pour cette operation, utiliser des produits (resins polyester ou epoxyde) charges de metal
Alsi 12: Fournisseurs: Debrasel Chemical.


Minerve (Compagnie Francaise de Transport Aeriens)
Directions Technique
B.P.23 – 30128 GARONS
Tel (16) 66 70 01 55
Tx 490884 – Site: FNIDTIW
Fax (16) 66 70 03 02
A l’attention de Mr. J-L Cachia:
Ayant eu l’occasion d’utiliser votre produit Alsi 12 lors d’un depannage d’avion, je tiens a vous feliciter pour la bonne tenue de votre produit. Je desirerais de recevoir la visite de votre service commercial pour connaitre la gamme complete de vos produits. Dans l’attention de votre reponse, veuillez agreer Monsieur, l’expression de mes sentiments les meilleurs.
F. Albrecht
Chef de Production


Future Design Inc.
Sales-Engineering Manufacturing & Service
For the Plastics industry
We are an OEM for plastic Blown Film equipment. We have great success using your Alsi 12 structural filler for various applications in our commercial industry. We have used your product in the repair and fabrication of Aluminum moulds for Vac-Forming plastic parts as well as to repair porosity and machining errors in our own cast and machined parts.
Please feel free to have anyone call me for a recommendation.
Please accept the following order for more of your product.
We will be trying out your other products in the future and look forward to similar encouraging results.
Thank You.
Gary Loftus
Plant Manger
38 Holtby Ave, Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6X 2M1
Tel (905) 453-9978 Fax (905) 453-6089
e mail: [email protected] Website: