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We have a complete line of Fillers that can repair & protect most surfaces you can think of.  We offer special Body Fillers – Metal Fillers that resist very high temperatures and can also be powder coated.  We also have flexible metal fillers, Plastic Fillers, Fiberglass Fillers, Wood Fillers and more. Our customers include major manufacturers, hot rod restoration shops, body shops and do it yourselfers.  Customers use our filler products because they like the quality and ease of use and they tell us that they get excellent paint finishes because of the solid foundations that the fillers give them.

In addition to Fillers, Parasol also specializes in Dyes and Paints, Waxes and Paint Additives that are of the highest quality available on the market today.

Incredible filler designed to give strength and structure to areas that are rusted, oxidized, or have large holes or dents in them. It can also be used on galvanized sheet metal and aluminum. Resists high temperatures and can be powder-coated afterwards. Will not shrink or absorb moisture.

Alsiflex is the only flexible metal filler on the market. Used for all kinds of finishing applications (including the repair of aluminum boats). This filler is flexible and shock resistant, does not absorb moisture and will repair surfaces made of metal, galvanized sheet metal, and aluminum.

One easy to use filler for all plastics. Strong, light yet flexible filler. Alsiplast is the only filler that will work on rigid, semi-rigid as well as flexible plastics. It will not shrink, absorb moisture or pop out after it is dry.

The perfect filler for wood. Owing to its exceptional adherence, Alsibois can be used in the most difficult of situations (Sculpting, repairing furniture legs, table corners, etc.) and will not shrink after drying. Easy to color for a perfect finish. Absorbs shades and water shades of stain to look exactly like wood. Will not shrink.

Super strong yet flexible. The polyester resin in Alsi 20 was especially designed to work with Fiberglass and polyesters. It provides a superior finish and quality to the repair in less than 20 minutes. Will not shrink or absorb moisture.