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Dyes & Paints

We manufacture solvent and water based Vinyl Dye and Paint, Leather Dye and Paint, Plastic Dye and Paint, Rubber Dye and Paint and Carpet Dye for a wide variety of applications, as well as for R&D for major manufactures in various industries so they can develop special paints and dyes for their applications. If you need a special product for a certain application please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and see if we can develop this for you.

We also feature Metal Body Filler and Wood Filler in addition to supplying professional LVLP & HVLP Paint Guns and other equipment for all your paint applications. We can custom match any color you wish in addition to those on our color chart. Our Vinyl and leather Dyes and paints are unsurpassed! View video

In addition, we carry a complete line of Fillers and Waxes, along with Paint Additives and Paint Booth Accessories, for your convenience so you can find everything in one place.

We can mix and match almost any color you need. Special color matching is available in quarts, gallons, 5 gallon pails and 50 gallon drums. If the color you want is not on the RAL color chart you can send us a sample of the color and we will match it for you. Please note there is a $20 custom color mixing charge.

The following 14 RAL colors are available in Aerosols
Approximate coverage in square Feet
1 gallon = 120 sf, 1 quart = 30 sf, 1 pint =15 sf, and 1 aerosol = 5 sf

1 Quart
Vinyl Dye/Paint (VARIKOTE)
Color for vinyl, soft plastics including vinyl roofs and carpets. Varikote is a dye and not paint and is guaranteed not to crack, peel or chip off and it is colorfast. Easy to apply and available in any color. Varikote dries in minutes and makes surface feel and look like new.
Please indicate the color you want in the section "Comments/Delivery Information" when you check out.

1 Quart
Leatherkote was specifically developed to dye/recolor leather. Leatherkote is a unique environmentally safe and clean product. In addition to leather you can now also recolor a vast range of different materials and products such as vinyl, rubber, ABS and PVC type material and be assured that it will not peel, crack or chip off.
Please indicate the color you want in the section "Comments/Delivery Information" when you check out.

1 Quart
Plastic Dye/Paint (VARIBOND)
Varibond is the original, solvent based color coating for ABS, PVC (Vinyl windows, doors etc.). Will also color Polypropylene, TPO, EPDM and TPS plastics. Quite uniquely Varibond forms a chemical bond with the substrate. Varibond cannot be removed and will not crack, peel or flake.
Please indicate the color you want in the section "Comments/Delivery Information" when you check out.

1 Quart
Color for Rubber and Hypalon. Rubberbond chemically bonds to Hypalon and other rubber substrates easily. It is non-toxic and will not crack, peel or flake off. UV stable and colorfast.
Please indicate the color you want in the section "Comments/Delivery Information" when you check out.

1 Quart
Plastic/Fiberglass dye/paint (A1-KOLOR)
The A1-Kolor is designed for high performance uses where hardness, flexibility, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance is required. This product can be used on interior wood, fiberglass, as well as many other interior and exterior surfaces such as vinyl, plastics, primed metal, interior floor finishes and brushing enamels.
Please indicate the color you want in the section "Comments/Delivery Information" when you check out.

1 Quart
Adhesion Promoter (PLASTIKPREP)
Special Adhesion promoter for difficult to color hard plastics. Easy to use and flashes off quickly.
Plastikprep is an adehesion promoter for Varikote and Varibond. Helps bond to polypropylene, TPO, EPDM and other hard plastics.

1 Quart
Waterborne color for vinyl, plastic, leather, rubber, synthetic surfaces. resins and other demanding surfaces such as powder-coated aluminium, GRP & MDF are now possible and, almost without exception, the use of Waterborne Varikolor has reduced the number of processes required to coat the substrate.
Please indicate the color you want in the section "Comments/Delivery Information" when you check out.

1 Quart
Waterborne Acrukolor is a unique environmentally safe and clean product. Great for coloring vinyl, hard plastics, aluminum, stainless steel and many other surfaces. It forms a strong bond with the substrate and will not peel, crack or chip off.
Please indicate the color you want in the section "Comments/Delivery Information" when you check out.

250 ml
Cleaning Solvent (PARAKLEEN)
A gentle yet strong solvent to clean vinyl, leather & plastic before applying Varikote, Varibond or Rubberbond. Will not damage, melt or dry out leather and vinyl like most solvents.

500 ml
Vinyl/Plastic Conditioner (PLASTICCARE707)
Cleans, protects & rejuvenates vinyl, plastic, rubber & synthetic surfaces. Silicone free and abrasive free. Good for Cars/Boats/RV's/Planes and Household appliances. Will not dry out surface or leave it sticky or greasy.

1 Quart
Special paint for coloring EPDM rubber surfaces. This is a very flexible and durable paint which can be sprayed on or applied with a brush. Available in almost any color you want.

Dealer Inquiries


My paint arrived, thank you. I followed the instructions provided by you, masked off my huge bay window outside, and started the air compressor. About 20 minutes after spraying the paint on the windows I removed all the tape and I could not be any more pleased with the results. My ugly bright white window is gone now, and your color mixing, perfect. I am a professional artist and I have been mixing colors for over 30 years, I KNOW color, great mixing job, I could not have done better. My next plan is to paint the interior that is now a bright white vinyl, a "wood" color. I will be back
Michael P Frase
Swartz Creek, MI

Best Sellers

1. Varibond
2. Varikote
3. CKlear707
4. ALSI 12


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