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Color Charts

Although we do our best to provide you with an accurate color on our web site it is impossible to duplicate the actual color that you see in a color book onto a computer screen.

These charts are intended as a reference guide only.

If you need an exact color match, please mail us a sample of your color or choose from the BEHR colors available at your local Home Depot. Please provide the name of the color and the BEHR code and we will be able to match the color for you and create a formula for your special color so that if you need that same color again we will be able to give it to you.

General Motors Colors

Please copy the Color ID Number so that you May order the correct Color.

PGM11Lt Warm Gray

PGM18 Dk Charcoal

PGM27 Dk Regal Blue

PGM29 Tuxedo Blue

PGM34 Dk Mocha

PGM40 White

PGM42 Crystal Green

PGM52 Med Dk Neutral

PGM54 Taupe

PGM61 Lt Biscuit

PGM561 Saddle (Allante)

PGM662 Camel

PGM4619 Lt Smoke Gray

PGM4767 Dk Beige

PGM4982 Opel Gray

PGM5201 Lt Canyon Yellow

PGM6215 Garnet Red

PGM6261 Dk Gray

PGM6339 Med Beechwood

PGM6342 Med Antelope

PGM6461 Flame Red

PGM6680 Adriatic Blue

PGM6690 Med Beige

PGM6691 Lt Neutral

PGM6693 Graphite

PGM6694 Med Gray

PGM6695 Lt Beige

PGM6698 Lt Natural Beige

PGM6758 Lt Gray

PGM6821 Ruby Red

PGM6823 Arctic White

PGM6839 Dk Montana Blue

PGM6884 Torch Red

PGM6890 Med Smoke Gray

PGM6903 Bordeaux

PGM6973 Navy Blue

PGM6981 Med Neutral

PGM6984 Cappucina Cream

PGM6985 Shale

PGM7052 Med Warm Gray

PGM7124 Med Pewter

PGM7125 Medici Red

PGM7127 Dk Toreador Red

PGM7179 Med Dk Pewter

PGM7182 Lt Oak

PGM7188 Med Biscuit

PGM7189 Med Dk Oak

PGM7191 Very Dk Gray

PGM7237 Lt Wheat

PGM7292 Ebony

PGM7294 Med Dk Sable

PGM7345 Very Dk Pewter

PGM7347 Med Dk Pewter II

PGM7463 Med Wheat

PGM7496 Lt Steel Gray

PGM7499 Med Dk Cashmere

PGM7635 Med Oak

PGM7657 Accent Oak

PGM7667 Dk Oak

PGM7705 Lt Cashmere

PGM8696 Firethorn Red

PGM8841 Dk Sapphire

PS110 Black

PS101 White

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